Top Model Ireland – The Walks

Please DO NOT share the link to this page with anyone, there’s also NO PERMISSION to use any of these images.

These are ALL the images I took of the various “official” walks, excluding the “Masked Ball” opening walk.  Includes the duff ones, the out of focus ones, etc.

We have a few opportunities to take pics, during the walk and more usually when you stop and pose before turning.  Occasionally we’ll get the walk back.  Some photographers (Taz and myself included) don’t use flash so we have the cameras set up for specific light conditions.

For Saturday this was where the tape mark on the catwalk was.  This is why we were telling everyone they had to hit the mark of be in line with it.  Left or right isn’t a problem.  Forward, well you’d fall off the stage!!  While you’re walking we’re waiting for you to hit that mark.  If you stop short then we may not be ready, may not have focus, and the light may be wrong.  Take a look through the pics, in the full length ones if you can see your feet see if you can see the mark.

The buzz we get is from trying to get everything right from our side AND get the exact moment when you’re doing your thing.

If you’re not in a section it’s because you were missed, I was checking settings on the camera, reviewing to make sure I’m actually getting usable pics, or even have the camera down for a few seconds. My camera and lens, as used on Saturday, weighs around 3Kg, so imagine holding three full bags of sugar up! Occasionally I have to put my arms down.

Any questions feel free to catch me on FB.