So I’ve recently decided to give photography a go. Mainly because I used the excuse of Daragh’s communion as an excuse to upgrade my aged Fuji bridge camera to my first DSLR (Canon 1200D).

I’d been aware of the basic theory behind photography for a while but it was only really after taking the beginners diploma in photography from The Shaw Academy that everything started to come together. Don’t be put off by the price of the course, you can find it for around €/£30 through sites like Pigsback / Groupon, etc.

So now I’ve loads of pics, some good, many crappy, that are just sitting around on my home PC and would probably never see the light of day.

My plan is to add them here, either as single posts or as galleries so that the world can ignore them.

Where possible I’ll try and comment on them, what I was thinking, what I was trying to achieve, and where I think things went right, or more likely, where things went wrong.

Maybe if I get brave enough I’ll open up the comments!